Sunday, June 1, 2008

Moving Right Along

Created by Shawna

With everything that has been happening lately here in AZ, we've decided to be prepared for the worst. So, in the past couple months we have been having a lot of work done on our house in Mexico, just in case we end up having to go down early (if ya know what I mean. :)) I must admit, at first I was a little worried about what I saw in the pictures that were sent. But, I'm happy to say our house is starting to look like a house!! Here are some before pictures:

This is our living room (although when we move down we will probably make it the dining room) The door way on the right is the bathroom. I'm not so sure I'm liking the furniture. :)

The kitchen.

This picture was taken from the living room/dining room looking down the entrance at the front door. Pictured is my Sister-in-law, my Mother-in-law and Mario's Aunt

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Carrie Hayes said...

the before pictures totally had me worried....I like the after pics...