Sunday, June 1, 2008

The After Pictures

Created by Shawna

This picture was taken from towards the front door looking at the living room. The first door on the right leads out to a little patio/court yard. The second door is the bathroom and the door way on the left is the bedroom. Eventually when we do the upstairs (stairs will be built in the entrance way leading from the living room side up, on this side of the patio door) we will open up the wall a little more where the bedroom is and make it the living room. Hence the living room becoming the dining room.

Next we have the kitchen. The window looks out into the patio/courtyard. We aren't going to put in the cabinets and counters until we live there. We really don't want our nephew Travis, yes his name is Travis, destroying it. You can say he lives up to his name. :)

And here we have the entrance. Bed room on the right. I don't know why they put that little window there, it wasn't in the plans I sent down. But, like I said, we will be tearing part of that wall down so it doesn't matter.

Last we have what the house looks like on the outside. The big double doors on the right is our store which is currently being rented out. And there you have it. I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed.

2 Thoughts:

Design Diva said...

WOW! What a difference. I freaked a little with the before pics. Okay it looked like it needed to be condemed but what an incredible difference. So go get yours and the boys' passports chica!lol love ya.

Chy said...

At first i thought that you were saying that the before shots were the after! I got it after a little bit down. It looks great! It was turned from a horrible mess to a place that you can actually live in. I hope that you will enjoy it but i will miss you :(....