Saturday, February 21, 2009


Created by Shawna

Our computer is VERY sick so Mike is taking a look at it for us. For now I have moved the boys' computer into the living room so we won't be without Internet cause ya know it's a life necessity!
I just realized that the word "necessity" is like the Spanish word necesito which means "I need".
THE BOYS ARE GOING TO BE OOMPA LOOMPAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Elks Theatre in down town Prescott is doing Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the boys are going to be in it!!!!! Look out Broadway!! They have rehearsal once a week for now and then next month it will be twice. An hour each time so it's not too overwhelming. The show will be in May and yes I will be video taping it. I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! More than them I think. ;)
It's Girl Scout cookie time again. The lady at my bank who was with some Girl Scouts selling cookies got a kick out of how I slammed on my brakes, rolled down my window and screeched like a little girl when I was them. I really couldn't control myself. I think they put something in those cookies to make people act like loonies whenever they see them.
I went clothes shopping yesterday. Something I do not like doing, but I was running kind of low in the wardrobe department. I actually found some pants I like! There were also some fun hippie-ish shirts that said things like "Hug a Tree" and "Save our Forest" but I just couldn't pull it off. Chy might be able to though!! One even had an owl on it!!
I fell down our stairs the other day. Well, Carrie was behind me so maybe she pushed me. :) It was a very graceful fall but still, 3 of my toes are not happy at all. And I pulled a leg muscle. It hurts.
I had a tooth pulled. It abscessed down on my jaw bone so it wasn't like I could drain it myself like my other abscessed tooth. Oh the joys of teeth problems.
Well, I think that's it.

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ak mom said...

O.K. BREATHE. Knowing you I read this as if you were talking to me and now I'm out of breath. I wish I could be there to see my little oompa loompas. I know they will be great.

Anonymous said...

dear shawna,
i might want to try the girlscout cookie sometime.