Friday, August 15, 2008


Created by Shawna

Oh how I LOVE music!! It drives Mario crazy how I've always got music going and it drives me crazy how the first thing he does when he walks in, is turn on the TV!! It's amazing how different the boys are too. Little Mario is more like his Daddy and Diego like me. The Marios are all about toys and TV and Diego and I prefer music and Art. Don't get me wrong, Diego and I do have our shows we like to watch and Diego really gets involved. He loves Jacks Big Music Show, Blues Clues and The Upside Down Show. I was going to post a video of Diego singing along with the Blues Clues song, but after waiting 4 hours for it to load I decided to just post the link. So, if you want to see a really cute video of Diego, click here or here (I couldn't pick :)).
Anyways, after taking Mario to school, Diego and I had some fun with Grandmas stereo. :)

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