Monday, July 14, 2008

Lagos de Moreno

Created by Shawna

I've posted pictures of our house in Mexico but never posted anything of the actual city. So, here you go. These are some shots that I found online to let you guys know how beautiful Lagos is. Enjoy. This picture is taken from on the steps of a church, El Calvario, over looking Lagos. The church off in the distance, La Parroquial; the main church, is in front of the main garden that we would consider down town.
This is the theatre, and I don't mean "movie."
And here is an inside shot of the theatre when you go through the gates. This is the bridge.
Here is a shot from on the other side of La Parroquial. And below is what it looks like on the ground looking at the front of La Parroquial. I just love that gazebo.

Here's a shot of a park. See the play equipment off to the right?
So, what do you think?

2 Thoughts:

dantealejandro said...

Lagos is a beautiful place!

Ninny said...

Wow- it is beautiful. Makes me want to move there!