Saturday, December 15, 2007

Head Start Christmas Party

Created by Shawna

Every year the American Legion has a Christmas party for the Head Start kids and with the money they get from recycled soda cans they buy gifts for everyone and Santa hands them out. We couldn't go last year because we ended up taking Diego to the E-Room for an out of now where fever of 104 and he couldn't walk. But, this year everyone was healthy and excited to see the big guy!! At one point all the kids got up in front to sing and I thought for sure Mario would be the first one up there, but he didn't want to sing at all, it was Diego that ran on up. They had a lot of fun and got some pretty cool toys. Mario got a Spider Man toy that you shoot a car through the mouth of the black Spider Man and the head explodes. Great, huh? Diego got a dinosaur that walks and roars.

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