Friday, September 21, 2007

The Week From You Know Where

Created by Shawna

It all started on Saturday when little Mario missed his team pictures for soccer due to Mario (big) having to go back on the paper route to deliver a book that he was supposed to insert in the papers and for some reason unknown, did not. Then after the soccer game we got back to the van to find an almost flat tire, flat spare and the day before our portable air compressor broke. That night/next morning when Mario was on the route, the van decided to die and not re-start. So I called our mechanic friend and at 6:30 in the morning he went to Mario's rescue. Did I mention we got a letter the week before from the circulation manager at the paper office saying that they will fire us if we don't get our papers delivered earlier (the van also died the week before in an area where there was no cell service, but started again after an hour and a half). We got the van fixed on Monday just in time for it to get a flat on my way to the newspaper office at midnight, remember, flat spare. With Mario working at his new job we haven't had time to get a new one or even pick our noses for that matter. So, Travis to the rescue. The next night when Mario was on his way home from work, he got pulled over. Let's just say he is lucky he didn't get deported and the van wasn't impounded. Travis to the rescue, again. So, because this is his 3rd time getting pulled over, the coppers know that he doesn't have his licence and he didn't just leave it at home, the kids and I get to go on the route. And the latest bad news is that Emma has Parvo and despite what Mario wants, I'm not going to just let her die. $400 later, she better live.

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