Thursday, August 2, 2007

Goldwater Lake

Created by Shawna

Yesterday (Wednesday) we went to Goldwater lake for a picnic and to enjoy the scenery. Grandma (maama), Grandpa (paapa) and Reahna (nanee) joined us. Oh, and Emma and Jenna. When we got there the boys had just enough time to go down the slide twice, then it started raining. But lucky enough, there was no one in the Ramada. So we hung out in there until the rest of the gang joined us. Then we decided to hit the trail. We didn't go all the way around, but did make it more than half way. I was really surprised that Diego made it the whole time walking by himself. Little Mario's tummy hurt so Dad gave him a piggy-back ride on the way back. Maama didn't start out with out with us, but soon caught up. Only after cheating by cutting across.

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Chy said...

I wish that you could go all the way around, but the damn sign says that you can't go to close to it and so you have to turn around and go back the way you started.
If you walk past the sign then you can walk up and sit on some really cool rocks in the shade that look over the whoe lake.
Really fun pictures!