Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pros and Cons of Spring Fest

Created by Shawna

After going to The Home Depot we made a stop at Spring Fest 2007 here in Chino. The boys got balloons and we also registered Mario to play soccer in the fall. That was the fun part. The not so fun part was when the wind started up and one of the canopies took flight and had a crash landing with little Mario and I. It was the scariest thing I have ever expierenced. Mario (big) grabbed Diego and the thing flew right over them to hit us. If I hadn't grabbed Mario then the post would have hit him dead on. It still

got him on the right side of his head behind his ear, but not as bad as it could have. I on the other hand took a pretty good beating and have a bump the size of a small country on the back of my head. I am just so thankful that it got me that hard and not the kids. And to think, we were in the line of fire all because Diego wanted to catch a grasshopper.

2 Thoughts:

Chy Wil-Call said...

I you already know but to aswer the question that you left on my blog the restaurant starts with a G.
I haven't looked at your blog for the longest of time, so everyone looked at me like I was stupid when I yelled that you were blogging again!!!
Love you.

Ninny said...

The slide looks so fun and Dallin said he wants to build an airplane like the boys. Sorry about the stinky wind- you should move to AK, it hardly ever blows here! LOL